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Getting your import or export shipment from wherever in the world it is to where you want it to be can be complicated, confusing and confounding to speak nothing of slow and expensive.

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At ICS Worldwide, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. We understand that, as a visitor to ICS Worldwide’s website, your personal information is important to you. The following statement addresses relevant privacy issues for ICS Worldwide. If you have any further questions relating to this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For each visitor to our website, our site analytics collects the following type of information for statistical purposes:

This is anonymous statistical data. No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities. We use this data to evaluate our website performance and improve our content and online offerings.


When you provide us with personal details (i.e. when contacting ICS Worldwide about our services), we will request personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and a contact phone number. This information is important so we may contact you when necessary on issues relating directly to our service. We will not use your personal information for any purpose that is not related to the services we provide to you or for any purpose for which you would not reasonably expect us to use the information. We will never sell or disclose your information to any individual or entity outside ICS Worldwide for marketing purposes.


We may use your email address to send you regular communications, which may provide information, or updates on our services. It is our policy to only email customers who give us permission to do so. If we send you an email for a commercial purpose, we will give you the option of not receiving further communications of this nature.


When capturing customer data it is sent through our secure encryption technology to ensure that your information is protected when being sent over the Internet. Additionally, all stored customer information is protected from unauthorised access through the use of secure passwords and user logons or other security procedures.

ICS Worldwide

11414 W. Park PlaceMilwaukee, WI 53224

Tel: 310 673 1037 Email: Contact

ICS Worldwide

220 West Ivy Ave,Inglewood, CA 90302

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ICS Worldwide

1099 Morse Ave.Elk Grove, IL 60007

Tel: 847 718 9998 Email: Contact

The ICS Difference

What sets us apart? Don't trust your import business to a series of strangers

Creative supply chain intelligence services

Our supply chain intelligence services regularly save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Most businesses don’t even realise the money that is to be saved from analysing and making changes to their supply chain.

Personalized service to allow you to work smarter

We have built a one-on-one service into our process. This means, at ICS Worldwide you’re not just another shipment being dumped on one stranger’s desk after another.

Strength through networking

Belonging to a network of trusted international partners means that we are always up to date with the latest shipping and freight forwarding intelligence, on an international, national and local level. Further, it guarantees smooth, fast and safe transitions and storage of your goods.

Our employees know the value of building relationships

At ICS Worldwide we make a point of only hiring people who understand the importance of personal client relationships. This means that your ICS Worldwide associate knows you, your business and your shipment inside and out – as well as its history.