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Excitation Systems (AVR)  

Excitation Systems - Voltage Regulator
For rotating (DC rotating generator and brushless) exciter applications, modern digital Voltage Regulator (AVR) upgrades replace obsolete voltage regulator equipment. We provide Digital Voltage Regulators. Digital Voltage Regulator upgrades are a cost effective solution to improve system response and generator operation while reducing maintenance requirements and eliminating obsolescence.

Excitation Systems - Static Exciter
Some excitation systems require a full Static Exciter upgrade. These are applied to upgrade existing static exciters, or to eliminate DC generator rotating exciters. For these applications, we provide upgrade packages based on modern digitally controlled Static Excitation systems.

Digitally controlled static excitation systems may be applied to improve system response and reduce system losses on DC rotating generator applications. Another reason for eliminating the DC rotating generator system is to eliminate troublesome DC commutators and DC field breakers.

Upgrading of existing static systems is generally done to eliminate obsolete or troublesome systems.

For both applications, we provide Digital Static Excitation Systems which have been selected to provide safe and reliable operation. Redundant automatic-manual or automatic-automatic Digital controllers are often included, especially on larger systems, to provide additional fault-tolerant operation in critical applications.

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