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Generator Controls  

We provide generator control retrofits for all models of generators in gas and steam turbine and hydro applications. Our pre-engineered Generator Control upgrade packages include;

Excitation or voltage regulator systems
Protection systems
• Sequencing, metering and synchronizing                                                                                                          

Our Generator Control upgrades are pre-engineered packages, utilizing modern digital equipment selected to deliver proven performance and safe operation.

ICS Generator Controls                                         

Generator control upgrades are normally undertaken to increase equipment reliability, enhance maintenance, eliminate obsolescence or add extra security.

Integration with turbine controls
Generator control upgrades may be done as part of a complete turbine-generator refurbishment project. Supplied with new turbine controls gives the advantage of an integrated turbine-generator control system, including fuel control, comprehensive protection, metering and excitation in a single, integrated factory tested system. Serial communications between the turbine controller and voltage regulators, protective relays and power metering devices ensure a single operator interface and integrated alarm and historical database.

We use proven equipment, together with our in-depth expertise of turbine-generator applications, to deliver fully engineered packages to upgrade and modernize generator control, excitation and protection systems. These upgrades improve reliability, reduce obsolescence, increase maintainability and enhance operation of older turbine-generators, extending the useful life of the equipment and minimizing downtime losses.

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