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Gas Turbine Upgrades: Fuel Systems  

Upgrading many Gas Turbines often involves upgrading fuel system valves, pumps and related equipment. New fuel systems are also added in fuel conversion projects, to add dual fuel capability on a turbine previously operating on a single fuel. Emerson's ICS provides complete fuel system designs, compatible with the control system, and turnkey installation.

Many older gas turbines employed complicated, difficult to calibrate fuel control components that are now obsolete, and may seriously impact reliability even with new control systems. Our expertise in gas turbine fuel system design includes engineers on staff who designed the original OEM systems. Our fuel system upgrades include;

  • Pneumatic valve positioner / actuator upgrades
  • Low Pressure hydraulic servos
  • Fuel control valves
  • Hydraulic and Electrically actuated shutoff (stop) valves
  • Fuel pumps / Eliminate variable displacement fuel pumps
  • Fuel delivery systems
  • Fuel control skids

For more details on turbine-specific applications, please see water and steam injection systems.

In most cases turbine control systems interface directly to HP hydraulic systems found on newer gas turbines and fuel valves found on many smaller gas turbines, with minimal modifications required on servos and position feedback devices. In some cases, existing HP hydraulic systems may be upgraded to improve valve performance.

To deliver high performance and easy maintenance systems, Emerson's ICS utilizes industry proven components wherever possible in our fuel systems.

Fuel System Conversions
We perform turnkey conversions to alternative fuels (LPG, naphtha, distillate, natural gas) including piping and manifolds, fuel nozzles, control valves, and control systems.

LP Hydraulic Servo
In some cases an acceptable way to interface to existing low pressure hydraulically controlled systems is to use a low pressure servo. We provide a range of fail safe hydraulic proportional servos for control of these type of systems. This is also a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade, since the existing low pressure hydraulic system and valve actuators need not be changed.

Universal Fuel System upgrades – GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Fuel Regulator and early Mark I Speedtronic TM controlled GE gas turbines utilized variable displacement fuel pumps. These pumps are troublesome and expensive to repair. Emerson's ICS offers upgrades to the Universal Fuel System common on newer GE turbines. This upgrade includes a new positive displacement fuel pump, flow divider and fuel valve. In addition to eliminating the older components, the upgrade provides better valve dynamics and positive feedback flow control accuracy.

Pneumatic valve positioner / actuator upgrades
Pneumatic control valves found on most Westinghouse gas turbines present control problems at lightoff when very accurate valve control is required. Emerson's ICS can apply either new digital positioners or fuel valve to solve these problems.

GG4 / FT4 Modvalve upgrades
Emerson's ICS offers a range of customized upgrades for liquid and gas fuel Modvalves on GG4 A and C series engines. These field-proven upgrades are designed to provide more accurate fuel flow control than possible with the existing valves, and include;

  • Upgrade A series liquid Modvalve actuator
  • Upgrade A and C series Gas Modvalve
  • Replace C series liquid Modvalve

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